niedziela, 19 stycznia 2014


     Because I can.
    Because I need to climb on the heights and develop in some visible way. Besides, I don't think it's going to disturb many people not to read this in Polish. Very few of you looks in here on regular basis, I'm grateful for that and promise to stay in touch with you. 
    Although everything is fine with my life, I need something that I cannot call. Since I started think about the missing part it has adopted different names and lack of dreams is probably the closest one. I've got some hide deep inside but because there is no prospects of fulfillment these particular dreams and hopes have been put aside, almost forgotten. When accomplishment requires the paricipation of another person, you don't want to force him, convince, blackmail or use tricks that restricts someone's freedom. As always in such cases, I'm wondering where my freedom ends, and if I have to abandon my own plans, does it make me limited? And what's more, confused and sad.
I'm going to search for recipe and do not rest until I found it. Something tells me it all starts with honest talking.
    Today, I'm saying good night...and good luck!

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