środa, 26 lutego 2014

All is lost

First, the movie.
How many movies about man all alone in the boat, in the middle of the sea or ocean could you name? How many of them have made you take your breath from frustration and nervousness. I will remember this one for a long long time. Since it has both silence and genuine Robert Redford face. It's not the movie you expect it to be.
The movie especially made me think about the very last chances... I hope that I would never experience situation with having a belief  that it's all or nothing. Nevertheless, we can found ourselves in this position every day..only the scale is smaller. Fight or let it go. Be brave, like you wish you are. Or wait for better weather to act. You can grumble. You can perform miracles. Nonsense? Maybe, but you can decide.

Secondly, long time no see & no read friend contact me in the name of rescue our common friend from her miserable everyday and hopelessness. My faith in people has been restored. My head is bursting with thoughts how many good and useful things we can do together. Tasks and goals has been fixed, let's go! Until we operate.... all is not lost!